How to Choose Between Baby Back and St. Louis Ribs?

Many people will agree that one of the best parts of the pig is the ribs. The ribs are one of the meatiest and most delicious parts of the pig, and there are many ways you can do with it. If you are still not entirely familiar with ribs, there are two types of ribs that are available in the market. One is the Baby Back Ribs, and the other one is the St. Louis Ribs.

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the two ribs. We will also talk about the different ways that you can cook and serve pork ribs.

What is Baby Back Ribs?

Baby Back Ribs are a cut of meat specifically from the rib near the spine after the loin is detached from the pig. It is shorter compared to the spare ribs – hence the name Baby Back Ribs.

The baby back ribs contain more meat compared to regular spareribs. It has a lot of fat attached to the ribs and not just meat.. It may not be the fattiest ribs, but its meat is definitely much tender, and this is probably why many restaurants offer baby back ribs to their customers. 

The ribs usually have 11 to 13 bones attached to the meat. One side of the ribs is typically wider compared to its opposite side. The bones will be progressively shorter as you navigate from the long side to its short side. The baby back ribs weigh about two to three pounds and can be consumed by one or two adults.

Cooking Baby Back Ribs

Preparing a baby back rib can be time-consuming as it will take you almost a day in cooking it. There are an ample amount of processes that you need to follow to achieve a perfect baby back ribs recipe, so you must make sure that you study the recipe well before diving into it. Making one is not that hard, but making sure that all the flavors you will add to it will be perfectly infused into the meat. 

For the flavor that you will add into your ribs, you can make sure it will penetrate the meat by doing these steps. The first thing you need to do is remove the thin membrane found on its underside. This step can be tricky, so make sure that you will use a newly sharpened knife for you to be able to loosen the membrane carefully. After loosening it, peel the membrane carefully away from the bones. 

What is a St. Louis Rib?

St. Louis Ribs are ribs just below the baby back ribs. It is a sparerib but with the rib tips being taken away. Like the baby back ribs, it has around 11 to 13 bones attached to it, with each bone is five to six inches long. 

One difference it has with the baby back ribs is that it is broader and straighter than the baby back ribs. It also has less curve making it a better choice if you want your ribs to lie down in your pan. 

Cooking St. Louis Rib

The meat on the St. Louis Rib is tougher but contains much fat and marbling compared to the baby back ribs. With proper preparation, the St. Louis Rib can be more flavorful compared to the other ribs available in the market. 

Just like the baby back ribs, you also need a lot of time in preparing the St. Louis Rib so that all the flavors will be adequately injected into the meat. With its tender meat, you need more time also for the meat to be less tough.

How to Choose Between Baby Back and St. Louis Ribs?

Both of these ribs are always prepared on a smoker since the smoke coming from the wood pellets can add a lot of flavor to the meat. With this method, the meat will be more tender since the fat attached to the meat will turn into the juice that will be induced to the meat.

Baby back ribs are more tender, so it will cook quicker compared to the St. Louis rib, which the meat is quite tougher and needs a lower temperature and a longer time so that the meat will be much more tender when served.

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